Duties of Environmental Safety Department

Head: Li Yi-Lin

Deputy: Dai Wen-Teng

Management of environmental safety and sanitation of experimental area

Duties of Maintenance Group

Head: Xu Zhong-Yu

Deputies: Yan Fu-Lai, Xie Song-Mao

  • Management of purchasing, contracting, and construction of campus, buildings, and interior design.
  • Managing annual budget and evaluating performance
  • Assisting evaluation and data gathering.
  • Handling tasks from supervisors.

Associate Technical Specialist: Xie Song-Mao

Deputy: Xu Zhong-Yu

Dean of General Affairs

Chen Qing-Wen , Technical Professor

Department of Product Design, Tungfang Design University



  • Arts and Crafts Department, Tung Fang Junior College of Industry and Arts
  • Qualified Level B technician of porcelain (sculpt)
  • Qualified for Arts and Crafts Instructor of vocational schools
  • Qualified for teacher of art and sculpture after passing evaluation of Ministry of Education for teachers of vocational schools
  • Master of Graduated School of Architecture and Interior Design of Shu-Te University