Duties of Documents Group

Head: Li Jin-Hui

Deputy: Lu Guan-Fe

  • Supervising varies tasks of Documents Group
  • Managing request of supervisor
  • Editing texts from various divisions
  • Final editing before publication
  • Editing school meetings, administrative conferences, general affairs conferences, tasks of general affair meetings
  • Use vital stamp of the school in accordance with orders from supervisors
  • Assisting electronic documents exchange
  • Managing archives

Member: Lu Guan-Fe

Deputy: Li Jin-Hui

  • Collecting, sending, and registering mails and packages
  • Registering received documents’ number and details, and sending them to related divisions
  • Editing serial number of documents, typing, correcting, and sending them
  • Receiving and sending electronic documents
  • Archiving, expediting, and evaluating documents
  • Estimating monthly states of all divisions’ collecting, sending, and archiving documents
  • Managing archives
  • Use vital stamp of the school in accords to orders from supervisors
  • Purchasing stamps and calculating postal fees
  • Purchasing official document envelope, normal envelope, and data bag
  • Posting record of school meeting and administrative meeting online
  • Archiving titles of public and private colleges, high schools, address, and names of their principles