Duties of Extracurricular Activities Section

Head: Tsai Jui-Hsiang

Contact number: 07-6939523

  • Organizing major celebrations (homecoming and commencement)
  • Organizing various tasks of the section
  • Organizing interior control of Extracurricular Activities Section

Email: claus@mail.tf.edu.tw


Contact number: 07-6939523

  • Major celebrations of the school: homecoming
  • Assisting various clubs in their endeavors
  • Managing and writing off funds for club instructors
  • Application and writing off the project for Education First camping for winter and summer break
  • Application and writing off  the voluntary camping service for education property foundation
  • Assisting various clubs in promoting their own activities
  • Managing  funds for student affairs
  • Innovative cultural events on campus
  • Providing information on posts of student affairs
  • Other tasks as assigned
  • Managing student loan related issues
  • Managing tuition and miscellaneous fees exemptions
  • Managing tuition exemption of the first three of five-year college
  • Managing students withdrawing and transferring from the school
  • Other tasks as assigned

Email: Doris@mail.tf.edu.tw

Member: Wang Wan-Ting

Contact number: 07-6939622

  • Application, organizing, and writing off the school scholarship
  • Posting, application, and writing off scholarship outside school
  • Counselling and control over living service
  • Application and writing off  scholarships for impoverished foreign students from the Ministry of Education
  • Organizing pension committee
  • Management of college students in poverty and online transfers
  • Application and writing off for pension from the Ministry of Education to children from unemployed families
  • Application for emergency pension for students from the Ministry of Education
  • Control over 3% of funds
  • Application and writing off pension for low-income families from the Ministry of Education
  • Other tasks as assigned

Email: ting@mail.tf.edu.tw