Duties of Health Section

Head of Health Section

Name: Chen,Hsiu-Fen                


  1. Managing basic tasks
  2. Organizing annual budget
  3. Planning student affair assistance project
  4. Application, planning, and execution of health promotional project

Ext.: 1524  Email: daphane@mail.tf.edu.tw

Nurse of Day Division          

Name: Dai Ying-Zhen


  1. Managing medical affairs of health center
  2. Managing physical examination for faculty and students
  3. Managing and inspecting dining sanitation
  4. Insurance for student groups
  5. Health insurance for foreign students
  6. Execution of health-related events
  7. Other tasks as assigned

Ext.: 1524  Email: 4324@mail.tf.edu.tw

Nurse of Advanced Division

Name:Teng Chi-Hwei


  1. Prevention of infectious disease
  2. Education and promoting smoking cessation
  3. Contracting with contracted hospital and taxis
  4. Website maintenance
  5. Execution of health-related events
  6. Other tasks as assigned

Ext.: 1524  Email: weiwei7980@mail.tf.edu.tw

Space Planning

Reading section Providing health magazines, books, and discs for faculty and students
Lounge Two beds are set for both lounges for male and female, while oxygen tanks are provided, which offers faculty and students who feel discomfort a space for rest.
Medical section Nurse would provide proper therapy according to the severity of injury
Breastfeeding room Providing a comfortable space with privacy, along with pacifier,sterilizer and breastfeeding manual
Private classroom for health education Providing a room for private consultation, which can also be used for personal health consultation, wound dressing over specific parts, and special examination
DIY examination area Providing height and weight scale, body fat scale, automatic sphygmomanometer, and vision tester. Faculty and students may operate the machines with simple instructions
Contact number of Health Section: 07-6939524