Duties of Physical Education Section

The section is affiliated with Office of Student Affairs and is classified as 2nd level administration section; charged withpromoting athletic events and maintaining facilities. It aims to improve the physicality of students byhelping both students and faculty maintain regular exercise, promote athletic events, and improve chances of exercise. The division includes a leader and a member, who are in charge of the athletic events of the school.

The campus contains a gym, P.E. audio-visual classroom, table tennis classroom, dancing classroom, and physical training center. Outdoor courts include a volleyball court, softball court, golf court, basketball court, all providing an excellent environment for exercise for faculty, students, and the public.

The division aims to maintain students’ health and safety. With a proper environment for exercising, along with a healthy relationship between teachers and students, students may end up becoming healthy and happy individuals.


Physical Education Section, Office of Student Affairs

Head: Chen,Hsiu-Fen

Telephone: (07)6939525-23 inner line: 1525 ext.: 23

Email:  daphane@mail.tf.edu.tw