Division of Library and Information

Division of Library and Information, which was established for teaching assistance and research source, was founded in March, 1966, the year this school was founded. Initially the library was located on the second floor of administration building. In 1970, it was transferred to the second floor of activity center, and in 1975 it was moved to the fourth floor of Chung Cheng Building. In recent years, the library has become greatly enriched. In 1992, it was moved to the second floor and the sixth floor of New Century Complex and was formally opened in March, in accordance with the 25th anniversary of the school’s founding. Being the source of information for faculty and students, the institute had to be improved. Therefore in 1996, the project of constructing the library and information building was established and the building was officially finished in October, 1997.

In September 1981, Dr. Hsu Kuo-Hsiung, the founder and then principal, formulated a technological improvement program with regards to importance of information education and computerization of administrative tasks. In order to improve both educational and administrative efficiency, the computer center was established under Office of Academic Affairs. This office is tasked with supporting computer education and research for faculty and students, improving computerization of administration, along with planning and maintaining the campus network; it serves as the center of campus electronic information.

In 2002, the school had reformed into a technical institute and the library had been merged with the computer center into The Center for Library and Information. It is a level 1 administrative unit, led by a Director; while the center includes the Library Dept., which consists of the library, and Computer and Network Dept., the computer center, and contains a Dean for each department. In 2012, the Center was renamed Division of Library and Information, which was overseen by Head of Division of Library and Information.

The library had been well computerized and automated; visitors may be able use any mobile service to access Wi-Fi network of the campus, searching for books and electronic resources. The current collection ranges over 330,000 books, including ebook, domestic and foreign journal, multimedia equipment and various discs. The first to third renovation of the Multimedia Visual Research and Digital Lecture Hall of Building of Library and Information Services has been completed in 2017 in order to cope with the basic structure standard of the college library.

The Gallery of Tung Fang History was located on the fifth floor of Building of Library and Information Services, which was opened on March 29th, 2017. The building was constructed to retain the tradition of Tungfang campus and improve education in humanity, creating sustainable development for school.

The Information Section serves as the core of the school's electronic information. It was moved to the second floor and the third floor of Digital Teaching Building. Its main task is to manage computer and network resources, support information education and research development, while promoting computerization of school administration.